“There’s a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.”
Jimmy Buffet’s lyrics easily translate into the business world. It’s one thing to talk a fancy game on Saturday night, but another to have the discipline, drive, knowledge and follow-up skills to connect the dots on Sunday morning. David has the skills that will enhance and complete your real estate transaction.

BUYERS – It’s all about LIFESTYLE. As a full-time professional in your area, I have access to all new homes and resales in the Greater Jacksonville area, St Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach. Buyer consulting is not merely a matter of bedrooms, baths and living areas. It involves analyzing lifestyles, individual preferences, special needs, working within financial budgets and ensuring peace of mind. As a homeowner and real estate advisor, I understand the stress associated with transitions. Your comfort and satisfaction is important to me and the company I represent. BEST OF ALL -MY BUYER’S SERVICES COST YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

SELLERS – Should it be time to sell your property, you’ll find that David’s unique aggressive style gets results. If you are looking for a “yes” man, he’s not your guy. If you are looking for a “Great Coach” to guide you through the process and not leave money on the table, David is your man.

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