Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (Coia)

4.1 Canada, in agreement with Ontario and other provinces and territories, will develop national immigration policies and develop an annual immigration plan, taking into account all common federal and territorial approaches to immigration planning and immigration planning, including its economic, social, cultural and demographic objectives, including improving economic immigration. 6.1.3 Ontario will participate in multilateral consultation processes related to the development or promotion of national immigration initiatives. 8.4 Ontario is responsible for evaluating and appointing provincial nominees. Canada will respect Ontario`s appointment decision, as long as the appointments are consistent with the IRPA, the IRPR or the laws and regulations that will follow it, national immigration policy, the terms of this agreement and the eligibility criteria set by Ontario. 4.5 Canada will do everything in its power to proactively guide the implementation of the immigration program to achieve the objectives of the provincial bid plan in Ontario, when this Ontario Canada-level plan is made available with federal priorities in mind. 4.4.2 Canada and Ontario agree to cooperate by exchanging information and research, in accordance with Schedule A, to support the development of immigration policies, programs and projections; Implementation of the program evaluation Managing the integrity of the program Reduce horse riding and avoid duplication. 7.5.1 In the event of a dispute or disagreement under this Agreement, officials in Canada and Ontario will endeavour to resolve the matter orally or in writing, in accordance with all procedures established pursuant to Section 7.1.4 (e) of the General Provisions. 7.1 The parties share roles and responsibilities in planning and conducting activities to promote immigration and recruit immigrants abroad, while recognizing Canada`s responsibility to coordinate these activities at the national and Ontario levels to achieve its economic, social, cultural and demographic objectives, including improving economic immigration. Earlier this week, the INOS announced that it had reached its provincial nomination for 2017. Ontario`s PNP allocation for 2018 is likely to be more than 6,000, given the higher PNP targets set under the federal government`s 2018-2020 immigration plan. The first COIA, signed in 2005, expired in March 2010. A renewal agreement to allow the negotiation of a new agreement expires in March 2011.

1.2 In Der Paragraph 95 of the Constitution Act, 1867 (30 – 31 Victoria, 3 (United Kingdom) recognizes the parallel legislative powers of the federal and provincial immigration governments. 4.2 As noted in Appendix A, Ontario may present Canada, prior to consultations, with an annual plan for the provincial appointment program, which will be taken into account in the evolution of Canada`s projections for planning Canada`s immigration levels; and consult with Canada in developing the program plan Ontario`s provincial appointment, taking into account Canada`s role in national immigration policy and planning.

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