Optik Author Agreement Form

Data References This Journal encourages you to quote underlying or relevant records in your manuscript by writing them in your text and adding a data reference to your reference list. Data references must contain the following: author`s name, registration titles, data repository, version (if available), year and permanent global identifier. Add [Dataset] just before the reference so we can correctly identify it as a data reference. The ID [Dataset] will not be displayed in your published article. In filing this agreement, the author signed by Ohio State University, on behalf of the University Libraries` Knowledge Bank (`the publisher`), grants the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate, display and/or distribute the repository (including the summary) as part of the University of Libraries` “Journal” in print and electronic form and in any media. You also agree that the publisher can create and keep more than one copy for conservation, security and security purposes. You state that as a single author and/or on behalf of your co-authors, you are entitled to grant the rights contained in this Agreement. You also explain that in your soul and conscience, your submission does not infringe anyone`s copyright. If the repository contains material for which you do not own copyright, you declare that you have obtained full permission from the copyright holder to grant the publisher`s rights to that agreement and that third-party material is clearly identified and recognized in the text or content of the filing. Otherwise, you explain that your use of third-party equipment is permitted because the material is in the public domain or because you have conducted a fair use analysis and you reasonably believe that your use is authorized. Mathematical formulas Please send mathematical equations as editable text and not as images.

If possible, present simple formulas in accordance with normal text and use Solidus (/) instead of a horizontal line for small breaking terms, z.B X/Y. In principle, the variables are in italics. E forces are often described more comfortably by exp. All equations that need to be displayed separately from the converging text (if explicitly mentioned in the text). We offer two model author agreements, one for magazines and one for academic departments and unit sites. LaTeX It is recommended to use the elsarticle.clsy elsevier class to prepare your manuscript and BibTeX to create your bibliography. Our LaTeX website contains detailed instructions, templates and other information. Email: Send the forms in the form of attachments by email to: To send the author agreement form to IJCRI magazine, you can send it as an attachment by email authorship Please enter the details of all authors who contributed to the work reported in the manuscript based on their seniority and contribution. The author of the document must be listed in the newspaper.

All notifications regarding this filing are sent to the person selected as the corresponding author at the time of submission. Please note that we cannot change the author`s name (add/delete authors, change the order of authors) after the paper has been accepted and moved in sentences. Graphic Summary Although a graphic summary is optional, its use is encouraged because it draws more attention to the online article. The graphic summary should summarize the content of the article in a concise and graphic form, intended to attract the attention of a wide audience. Graphic abstracts must be deposited as a separate file in the online filing system.

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