Standard Representation Agreement

2. Where a representation agreement or provision is not effective or invalid, the exercise of the power conferred on the agent by the agreement is valid and binding in favour of a person who did not know and had no reason to believe that the agreement or provision was not effective or invalid. Contains information about representation agreements in general, and the page menu on the page contains a RA 7 fact sheet, a RA 9 fact sheet, a list of resources and links. The various F-type documents have been drawn up to ensure compliance with FIFA and AI rules on cooperation with intermediaries. Parties are cordially invited to add their own clauses to these fa-type documents or to use their own models, provided they conform to both sets. The AI recognizes that the parties may wish to enter into contracts on a broader legal basis and, in any event, we advise the parties to take their own legal advice regarding the use of one of the standard documents mentioned above. (d) there is an error in a representation agreement or an error in the performance, testimony or recording of the agreement; a representation contract is an important document because it not only governs the entire relationship between the intermediary and the player and/or the club, but a properly negotiated and elaborated representation contract is also essential to avoid litigation, especially in an area where disputes are widespread. 1.1. A representation agreement may not authorize the remuneration of a representative, assistant representative or observer for decisions or actions taken by the adult, the representative, the assistant representative or the monitor, in accordance with Part 2 of the Health Care (Consent) and Care Institution (Admission) Act, and any provision of a representation agreement purporting to authorize such compensation is in effect. This is just a snapshot of certain obligations that should be included in a representation contract and it is not an exhaustive list.

The representative (including potential alternates) must sign the standard representation agreement. If there is more than one representative, everyone must sign the document before they can act. But representatives don`t need to sign them all at the same time. And their signatures do not have to be testified. b) an assistant representative is appointed in the agreement and is willing and able to act as a representative. The only right of termination under the standard representation contract is that it is “terminated with immediate effect if the registration of the intermediary expires during the duration of the contract and the intermediary does not renew its registration within 14 days of the player`s written request.” While it is useful to have a standard representation contract readily available, which provides a basic contractual framework, intermediaries, clubs and players should always consider including more detailed provisions in their representation contracts.

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