Vmware Partner Agreement

Basic training requirements for all partners include (2) the VSP Foundation and ethics and compliance training. If a partner wants to sell subscription-based software, it also needs (1) VOP-SE. And if a partner wants to use cloud/managed hosting services, they need (1) VOP-CP. Solve your IT challenges and increase your marketing speed with VMware and our ecosystem of more than 35,000 partners worldwide. VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, supports the global digital infrastructure with our partners. Services – VMware recognizes that some partners want to focus on service delivery functions and business models. The Partner Connect program enables these partners to invest in professional and implementation services through the Service Only path, which focuses on the functions of expertise in solutions and masters. My VMware is an integrated self-service account-based interface that simplifies your online product license and support management experience. All VMware partners and customers can use this site.

Your investment and investment opportunities are directly tailored to your level under the Partner Connect program, with specific questions about incentive and benefit programs addressed to the Partner Support Center: partnerconnect@vmware.com. The renewal of your NFR licenses remains unchanged; they are renewed each year by renewing your partnership program contract. If you have any other questions related to the program, please contact the Partner Support Center. Solutions Skills – Solution Skills are a proven first step and a proven way to achieve revenue in Partner Connect`s profitability, provide training and activations, and reward partners for VMware solution sales skills in computing centers, networks and security; Cloud and digital workspaces. In many cases, your customers can appoint you, authorized VMware partner, with these permissions. VMware Marketplace offers customers the opportunity to discover and use partner solutions. The experience developed and regulated provides customers with the certainty that these solutions have been validated to work on their VMware platforms. Can a partner reach different levels for each strategic IT priority? At VMware, skills must recognize sales and technical skills, delivery skills and customer success for the IT priorities of the next generation of VMware. Building VMware partner skills allows you to strengthen your service skills and leverage valuable benefits for your partners.

There are two types of skills: VMware depends on our partner ecosystem to help our customers manage their digital transformation, their deployment in the cloud and modern applications to take full advantage of VMware solutions. However, customer evaluation licenses downloaded directly by www.vmware.com are displayed in My VMWare. Licenses are filed by contract number in a file located in the authorization account. It is the customer`s duty to give visibility to the OEM partner. Together with our partners, our solutions provide a dynamic and consistent digital base that allows for continuous transformation. Accelerate your digital transformation today. Resale – VMware resellers are partners whose main business model is the resale and/or provision of services. Through unbiased customer feedback, VMware resellers pool their technological know-how with services to provide VMware solutions to customer-specific business problems. VMware retailers generally advise customers to understand their customers` business requirements.

VMware Partner Connect is a unique program that offers clearer ways of profitability, whether partners sell software or services, manage or host services or offer value-added services to their customers.

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