Review Agreement Clause

Subject to the provisions of the section – the university has the discretionary right to publish information or publish documents resulting from the research. The university will select a draft copy of the proposed publication thirty (30) days before the proposed publication date. The promoter agrees to limit the distribution and use of these materials to internal distributions within the sponsor and agrees that this distribution should be made exclusively for verification and commentary purposes, unless the university has otherwise agreed in writing. The promoter may ask the university to delay the publication of such a publication for up to thirty (30) days in order to protect the potential patentability of the inventions described in it. However, this delay should not be levied on the filing or publication of a student work or doctoral thesis. The university gives the promoter the opportunity to be recognized in such a publication for its support of research. [This provision should be added to each agreement instead of the typical unilateral restriction of our reference to the sponsor.] 5.1 The institution reserves the right to publish the results of the study with due regard for the protection of the promoter`s confidential information. The institution will submit the manuscript of each proposed publication to the sponsor at least thirty (30) days before its publication, and the sponsor has the right to verify and comment on the publication in order to protect the sponsor`s confidential information. At the request of the promoter, the publication is postponed for up to sixty days (60) to allow the promoter to ensure appropriate protection of the property of the sponsor who would be affected by this publication.

2.1 The university and the principal investigator have the right to publish or otherwise disclose the information obtained under this contract. In order to avoid the loss of patent rights resulting from the early disclosure of patentable information, the university will submit to the promoter all documents intended to be verified and notified at least sixty (60) days before the scheduled submission. The promoter informs the university, within thirty (30) days of receipt of these documents, if it wishes to submit university patent applications for inventions contained in the materials; and if the university agrees, the university will file a patent application in due course. The university has the power to determine the scope and content of publications. If you need immediate help, please contact customer relations. [This provision should be added when new periodic versions are expected.] This page will be updated when other services go online. 1.1 The parties reserve the right to publish or publish the data resulting from the study. The party wishing to publish or publish such a manuscript transmits such a manuscript or publication for notice to the other party before it is published or published. [The following three provisions are moderately detailed.] This site is not currently available. On this date, you cannot access certain affiliate, training or vocational training content. We apologise for any inconvenience and work diligently to restore all services as quickly as possible. Institution recognizes the promoter`s intention to regularly distribute communications and announcements on progress or research to the news media.

The promoter may not disclose documents containing the name of the institution or one of its employees without the prior written permission of an authorized representative of the institution. If the institution rejects the press release, the institution and the promoter agree to discuss the reasons for the institution`s rejection and every appropriate effort is made to develop appropriate disclosure within recognized academic practices. The sponsor reserves the same right if the institution has

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