The Deposit Account Agreement

ADDITIONAL LIMITS. At our discretion, we may refuse payment of a cheque submitted for payment through a transaction of ATMs. For security reasons, we may set additional limits for the number and dollar amount of transactions you can make with your card, and we may impose additional security restrictions for cheque deposits, split deposits and cashback deposits. They are solely responsible for meeting all the requirements of applicable state law for the creation of a joint account with the right of reversion. However, if you do not meet such requirements, you accept that in the absence of clear and convincing evidence of another intention at the time of the creation of the account in our records: (i) any account on which you are designated as a co-owner with one or more other co-owners in our registers must be a common account with right of reversion; (ii) the account contains all the incidents described above for joint accounts with right of reversion; (iii) after the death of a co-owner, the remaining funds in the account belong to the surviving co-owners and can be paid directly; and (iv) our payment of these sums to the surviving co-owners is a complete and complete fulfillment of our responsibility for the funds in the account. This provision is intended to create a joint account with the demo right, by contract, without taking into account the legal formalities. Funds from electronic direct deposits in your account are available on the business day we receive the deposit. Funds from cash deposits, transfers and the first $5,525 of total deposits of certified funds, certified cash registers, cash registers, travel authorities, as well as federal, regional and local authorities will be available on the first business day following the day of your deposit, if the deposit meets certain conditions. Checks must be payable to you, z.B. The $5.525 surplus from the deposit of these cheques and the money from the deposit of all other cheques will be available until the fifth business day following the day of your deposit. This agreement and the advertisement for electronic transfer services apply to electronic transfers to or from the bank`s consumer and commercial accounts. The part of this agreement and the disclosure, entitled “Regulation E,” relates only to electronic transfers to consumer accounts. Unless we expressly agree, you cannot file articles electronically with us.

The electronic filing of objects is subject to a separate written agreement between you and us. If we have agreed to accept deposits electronically, these filings are subject to the provisions of this Agreement, unless expressly provided for otherwise in your separate electronic filing contract. An “NSF item” is any item presented or transferred from your account for payment or charge on your account, or for the payment or transfer of money from your account if the balance available in the account is not sufficient to cover the item. To determine the balance of your account, we apply the applicable provisions of the Federal Reserve Board`s CC Regulation and our Fund Availability Directive, which will be described later in this agreement. In all of the above cases, we can debit your account for the electronic item, replacement cheque or ACH debit item that was created from your cheque, just like during the initial review.

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