Tuco Framework Agreement

In order to take advantage of some of the executives listed below, CPC members must join TUCO AG and sign a commitment form. In addition to this framework, there are also frameworks for food, frozen foods, beverages, dairy products, disposable items, meat, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and more. BGL Rieber`s products are available to tuco members through suppliers nominated in the framework contract. CPC members must join TUCO and sign a commitment form in order to use their framework agreements. Please contact Majid Khan, CPC Senior Contracts – Procurement Officer on 0161 974 0949 or TUCO on 0161 713 3420 for more information on membership. TUCO will carry out the SQ and ITT phases of the tendering process and our members will cancel these agreements. TUCO`s framework agreements generally range from at least two to four years (including all extensions) and all executives to be renewed are tendered. Tuco usually makes an offer from the EU as part of the open or restricted procedure. These procedures last 6 to 9 months, so if there is a framework that interests you, but which has already been assigned, please check 6-9 months before the end date (or the final renewal date). Once the evaluations are completed and the suppliers awarded, it is not possible to join this list of suppliers until the next opportunity to tender. All CPC members have the right to join TUCO for free and, once you are a member, you can purchase and access their wide range of suppliers through TUCO`s EU-compliant catering frameworks.

TUCO maximizes value for its members and has a wide range of membership benefits, learn more about TUCO. Look for “DPS” at the end of a framework contract to advise those who use the DPS format of our agreements. TUCO tenders (whether a framework agreement or DPS) are conducted online via the In-Tend system and we ask all interested suppliers to log in to in-tendhost.co.uk/tuco/aspx/ and register their business. This electronic tendering system allows suppliers to view tender opportunities and express their interest by providing a safe environment for downloading tender documents and submitting responses to tenders electronically. This process differs from the framework agreement in that it contains a list of suppliers whose TUCO members can organize an electronic tender competition. Unlike a framework agreement, suppliers can apply to join the DPS at any time during their cycle and request the application even if they fail. Our purchasing team strives to ensure the best possible value in all framework contracts, resulting in purchase volumes of more than $100 million per year. Many TUCO executives are available to CPC members, including: CPC has frameworks for a variety of goods and services. The potential benefits, including savings, for members and access methods vary from framework to framework.

Here, we have tried to rank our terms and conditions according to the following: TUCO is the leading professional organization for “in house” caterers working in the field of higher education and continuing education. We are committed to the learning and development of catering and hospitality teams and work to provide quality standards, advice and information to professionals in the sector. BGL Rieber has decades of experience in supplying universities and universities and is a proud supporter of the efforts of TUCO and all university catering institutions and the tremendous work they do to feed the world`s future brains. . TUCO is the leading professional organisation for “in-house” caterers working in higher education and continuing education. Tuco is committed on behalf of its members to the health and wellness agenda and is at the forefront of best practices in sustainability. TUCO will complete the first phase of DPS pre-qualification and members will use these vendors to implement the ITT phase.

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