Ago Reciprocal Agreement

Starting Saturday, the Penetanguishene and Midland Public Libraries will launch a new mutual agreement. Also note that reciprocal membership only allows 2 adult tickets (children are free), even if you are a family member in your home institution, which has more adults. Mutual privileges do not include mailings from one of the participating museums Rome qualified members can enjoy mutual benefits at just over 300 museums and art galleries across North America. Among the benefits usually are free admission and discounts to museum stores, as well as other benefits, although each institution has the option to limit certain benefits. To prepare for your visit, please see the attached list or contact the museum or gallery you wish to visit to confirm any restrictions. Presentation of a specific membership card and identity card is required. The building was designated in 1970 as the National Historic Site of Canada. [9] The building was later named “The Grange and Grange Park” by the Toronto City Government in 1991, under the Ontario Heritage Act. [9] In 2005, the City of Toronto Government and the Museum entered into a succession agreement[9] which provides that certain interior and exterior elements of The Grange will be retained forever. [28] “It`s just a mutual borrowing of materials and services,” said Linda Keenan, CEO of the Penetanguishene Public Library.

For a complete list of mutual institutions, please use the following links. The museum participates in three reciprocal programs, each with a unique and changing set of partners, so be sure to check these links when planning your trip. Members of the Family & Friends, supporting, partner, sponsor and The Fine Arts Council obtain membership privileges from mutual institutions. To take advantage of the benefit, simply present your current card to one of our partner institutions. Members from premium members enjoy mutual privileges in the following museums: Best: Work perken, i.e. mutual agreement, exhibition overview. The worst thing is education and training, flexible hours. There are agreements for certain levels of membership in different institutions. Look for the “M” on your membership card, which means you qualify. Or you can see if your museum is a member of NARM, which has mutual agreements for more than 850 member institutions. Do you have reciprocal agreements with other art museums for entry/discount etc.

(I`m from Portland Oregon). Thank you very much. “It`s our nature,” she said. “This new mutual agreement builds on the already strong relationship between our two libraries and communities. As Linda said, this agreement only applies to materials and services…

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