Sap Scheduling Agreement Partner Function Table

These functions are classified by type of partner in the distribution system. The following types of partners are the customer, supplier, staff, interlocutor and joint functions of partners according to these types of partners – Forecasts, i.e. the most planned delivery plans for delivery plans, should be transmitted to the supplier`s headquarters. For mat1 material, this forecast should also be transmitted to subvendor sous cours. The following T-codes can be used for managing condition 1 tables. Configuration – Create the corresponding condition table with this field. Place the conditions table in the access sequence (in the correct order/order). Rank the access order of the discount type. Make sure that this type of condition is in your pricing procedure. The system examines whether this requirement can be attached to the current JIT call, i.e.

whether the supplier, the information partner and the work are identical. You have created a supplier database for all the partners to whom you want to send messages. These are the suppliers LIEF 1, LIEF1_Nord, LIEF1_Süd, SUBLIEF and SPED. A contract is in principle a long-term framework contract between the seller and the customer. It is established on predefined materials or services to be given over a given period. As the planned delivery plans are forwarded to the head office, you must enter the partner function OA – LIEF1 for all materials. For MAT1, the planned delivery plan must also be sent to the Sousvendors. For this reason, you keep the SV partner function: MAT1 and MAT2 are delivered from the North factory. For both delivery plans, you maintain the Open Access Partner feature – LIEF1_NORD, so that you can then group the hardware requirements. For the South factory, enter the corresponding partner function OJ – LIEF1_SÜD. Framework agreement – contains contracts and supporting documents. I did: I created a sign for manufacturing and in this characteristic I assigned the field of the manufacturing name that is maintained in the role of supplier partner.

Then I took care of a class of lots RM_class and classified it in the material. But if I want to display the name of the manufacturer in good reception, it will not be displayed. In an SAP system, you can create or modify existing condition tables. Depending on the new business request in an organization, you can create new condition tables. The partner function allows you to identify the functions that a partner needs to perform in a business process. Consider a simpler case in which all client functions are performed by the partner client. Since these are mandatory functions, they should be defined as mandatory functions in an SD system. To view the list and exclusion of materials, go to SPRO → sales and distribution → basic functions → listing/exclusion. .

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